Apple butter and ginger beer mingle with bourbon to create a wicked good cocktail.

Apple Ginger Bourbon Cocktail |

Day drinking. Seriously, let’s make it a thing–starting with this cocktail.

I have yet another fall-inspired cocktail for you. You know, because one just isn’t enough.

This apple ginger bourbon fizz is spiked with local apple butter from Weber’s Cider Mill. I normally like to spoon the the velvety butter right into my mouth, but I figured I could spare a smidge for my cocktail shaker.

I’m so happy I did, because this cocktail rocks my world.

Apple Ginger Bourbon Cocktail |

I was recently introduced to Bulleit Bourbon. It’s high dollar bourbon at a reasonable price, and it is good! I feel like I’m rolling high class in a pimped-out Caddy when I’m sipping on my juice.

This cocktail is extremely easy to make. Add ice, apple butter, and bourbon to a cocktail shaker. Give the mixture a few good shakes. Pour over ice and top with ginger beer and a lime wedge.

Sip until your heart’s content.

Apple Ginger Bourbon Cocktail |

Ginger beer is unbelievably delicious when it’s paired with bourbon. You get the oaky, vanilla flavor from the bourbon and the zesty fizz from the ginger beer. Honestly, it’s all good when bourbon is involved.


Apple Ginger Bourbon Fizz

A mixture of apple butter, ginger beer, and good bourbon.


1 ounce bourbon

1/2 tablespoon apple butter

4 ounces ginger beer

lime wedges



Add ice, bourbon, and apple butter to a cocktail shaker. Give it a few good shakes. Pour over ice.

Top with ginger beer and a lime wedge.

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