Save money by making your own iced coffee at home with this recipe for rich cold brewed coffee concentrate.

Cold Brewed Coffee Tutorial |

The temperature is rising. Sure, it’s happening slowly, but it’s on its way up.

As soon as spring shows signs of warmth, I break out the essential tools to make cold brewed coffee concentrate. And, by “essential tools,” I mean ground coffee, a gallon pitcher, a mesh sieve, and some paper towels. All things you probably have laying around the house.

Cold Brewed Coffee Tutorial |

Cold brewed coffee concentrate is just about the easiest recipe you’ll ever make. And, you’ll be glad you did, because it will save you a ton of money. I braved up and calculated how much money I spent in one week for coffee at my local coffee house: thirty dollars. Yikes!

Cold Brewed Coffee Tutorial |

I’m what you would call a coffee junkie. I can easily take down 2-3 cups a day if I’m not careful. It’s hard to resist the rich, dark lure of a properly brewed cup of fresh coffee.

Cold Brewed Coffee Tutorial |

I’m less than functional without my morning juice. Picture a blob on the couch, eyes half opened and mouth agape–that’s me without my coffee. It’s not pretty.

I prefer my coffee strong over ice with extra cream. Here’s how I make my cold brewed coffee:

Cold Brewed Coffee Tutorial |

Pour 2 1/2 cups of freshly ground coffee into a gallon pitcher. I prefer a dark, full-bodied roast.

Cold Brewed Coffee Tutorial |

Fill your pitcher with cold water. Cover and allow the coffee to rest at room-temperature for 12 hours. I usually make my coffee the night before so I can strain it the next morning.

Cold Brewed Coffee Tutorial |

Place a mesh sieve over a large bowl. Line the sieve with a double layer of paper towels. I prefer Scott Towels because they’re durable. They stay strong and don’t fall apart during the straining process, and I only have to strain the coffee once as oppose to twice.

I shopped my local Kmart for my Scott products. Check out Kmart’s Shop Your Way Rewards for great coupon offers on Scott Tissue products this week. Cold Brewed Coffee Tutorial |

Strain the coffee through the paper towel lined sieve.

Cold Brewed Coffee Tutorial |

After you strain your coffee, store the pitcher in the refrigerator to chill. One pitcher makes enough coffee to last me an entire week.

Cold Brewed Coffee Tutorial |

When I work from home, my morning routine consists of one glass of iced coffee and a FaceTime session with my grandparents. After that, I’m ready to party hard in the kitchen.

Cold Brewed Coffee Tutorial |

When I have to go into the office, I fill my gigantic to-go cup to the brim and pray that one cup will get me through the day.

Cold Brewed Coffee Tutorial |

Squirrel uses my coffee weakness against me. Every morning he insists on teasing me before I’ve had my coffee. I often think about kicking him in the shin.

Cold Brewed Coffee Tutorial |

This picture says it all. I have a cabinet dedicated to coffee essentials. My favorite flavor combo is the Almond Joy: two pumps of coconut syrup, two pumps of almond syrup, a hefty squirt of chocolate syrup, and extra cream.

Cold Brewed Coffee Concentrate


2 1/2 cups ground coffee



Add ground coffee to a one-gallon pitcher.

Fill the pitcher with water. Stir to combine and place the lid on the pitcher.

Allow the coffee to rest at room-temperature for at least 12 hours.

Place a mesh sieve on top of a large bowl. Line the sieve with a double layer of paper towels. Strain the coffee.

Pour the strained coffee into a clean pitcher. Top off the pitcher with water and stir. Place the lid on the pitcher and refrigerate.

Pour coffee over ice and add your favorite coffee additions.

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