Happy Saturday! I’m back, and as you can guess from the title, I did nothing but eat on my vacation. I ate and ate, and then ate some more. What’s a vacation without food? Certainly not a good one. Being a foodie, I base my vacations around food; sad as it may seem, it’s the highlight of my trip.

IMG_1182Squirrel and I had a ton of fun. We relaxed. He fished. I did some biking and caught up on some reading. We indulged in some spirits. Okay, that was a blatant lie. We got a bit wild and crazy with some cocktails. I think the Champagne Cobbler from Second Street Bistro and the Jumbo Margarita from Plaza Azteca were my favorite. Squirrel?  He’s not very adventerous, so he stuck with his boring ol’ Jack and Coke.

The resort had a pub right on premise, so we went there the evening of our arrival. They were having a Name That Tune party, and of course I couldn’t resist. The bartender would play a portion of a song, and the diners had to, you guessed it, name that tune. It was our duty to write down the name of the song and the artist. Apparently, we’re not that great at Name That Tune; we came in second to last–wah, wah! Oh well, we had a blast. The pub made the BEST hot wings ever. They were extra crispy and extra saucy–so good! I’m sure gonna miss it.

We took a spin through Colonial Williamsburg. If you enjoy history, then you’ll love the old buildings, dirt roads, and festive colonial attire. There were horse drawn carriages transporting guests to different areas of the town, ladies in big hats wrapped in billowing ribbon, and gents in tights and belted shoes. It was an interesting experience. While we were visiting, we found this fella. I named him Mr. Ed. Isn’t he handsome?


IMG_1196On Monday evening, we headed to Second Street Bistro for a fancified dinner. I researched the restaurant before going, and it received amazing reviews. The reviews didn’t lie; it was one tasty dinner. Squirrel and I ordered the sweet tea pork belly for an appetizer–oh my goodness! It was smoky, slightly sweet from the sweet tea brine, and extra crispy around the edges. My mouth died and went to heaven. Squirrel ordered the cornbread and goat cheese stuffed quail with sweet potato risotto for his main course. I think the man told me how good it was about a million times. He was ooohing and ahhing as he munched on his petite bird. Seriously, he looked like a giant eating a chicken. My husbands a big guy, and he looked hilarious holding the petite drumsticks of the quail in-between his thumb and index finger. It reminded me of an adult at a child’s tea party holding that itty bitty pretendIMG_1197 cup of tea. We all just sat there and stared at him as he was eating his meal. Poor Squirrel! I ordered the shrimp and andouille sausage over smoked gouda grit cakes. It was smoky, spicy, and sweet all at the same time. It was devoured! And, of course, I ordered dessert. They had a vanilla ginger creme brulee that stared me in the face as I was looking over the dessert menu. I couldn’t resist. The flavor was amazing. Sometimes ginger can be overwhelming, but when combined with vanilla, it’s perfect.

IMG_1193On Tuesday, I had a chance to chat it up with the chef and manager at the resort’s pub. It’s always a good idea to ask the locals where they eat; you’re guaranteed good food, for sure. They recommended a local Mexican restaurant. I adore Mexican and could eat it every day if someone let me. Tuesday night we headed to our last dinner in Williamsburg, Plaza Azteca. It was the best Mexican food that I’ve had since our trip to Texas a few years ago. People, I didn’t want to leave! I was full, but continued to eat because it was just too good not to. We had fresh made guacamole, extra spicy. I ordered the spinach and chicken enchiladas topped with a roasted poblano sauce, and Squirrel ordered the biggets burrito on the face of the earth. To go with my food, I ordered a IMG_1190jumbo-size margarita. They’re known for their Margirona, which is a frozen margarita with a bottle of Corona tipped upside down and nestled into the boozy liquid. I’m not a fan of beer, so I stuck with the basic Patron margarita. Plaza Azteca has me considering a move to Williamsburg. IMG_1147



I proceeded to train for my upcoming 5k on our vacation. Dedication, I know! It was a pleasure to run on the resort. I saw swans geese, beautiful flowers, lakes, and serene fountains spouting crisp lake water. Exercising isn’t so bad when you have lovely scenery to ogle.


Remember my shopping spree? Well, it was for a good cause. I fancied myself up every day we were in Williamsburg. It really makes a gal feel good. Look at these shoes!


As you can see, we had a wonderful time. Now, to win the lotto so I can vacation every day. Yeah, right! I suppose I’ll just have to wait until June for our beach vacation.

On the menu:

Sunday- Pulled Pork Chili
Monday- Torta De Milanesa from Mexican Made Easy
Tuesday- Leftovers
Wednesday- Slow Cooker Beef and Broccoli from Table for Two
Thursday- Chicken Caesar Salad from The Messy Baker
Friday- Family Movie & Take-Out Night
Saturday- Date Night