I’m a big dreamer. I dream about learning to play the piano, having my own photo studio, writing an award winning cookbook, getting my hair to look like Jennifer Aniston’s (I’ve come to the conclusion that this will never happen), owning a vita mix blender, and the list goes on. Lately I’ve been dreaming about the coconut pineapple ice cream I had a P.F. Chang’s. Well, I was tired of dreaming about it, so  I created my own coconut pineapple ice cream, and it tastes just like the version I had at P.F. Chang’s. It is the best ice cream I have ever had… Ever!

Noelle from Homemaker Chic asked me to do a guest post, so I decided to make her my version of the P.F. Chang’s ice cream I fell in love with two months ago. When I told her what I was making, she was thrilled. I think she has a thing for coconut. Who can blame her? it’s delicious.

I’m going to warn you, you’re going to fall in love with this girl. She can sew! I mean, the girl fixed a pair of broken heals with her sewing skills. If that’s not amazing, I don’t know what is. Someday, I’m going to fly on down to Florida to visit Noelle and get her to teach me how to sew because you never know when you’re going to find yourself in dire need of repairing your favorite pair of pink pumps.

Go say hi to Noelle at The Homemaker Chic and get the recipe for the best ice cream I have ever had… Ever!