Happy Saturday, folks!

It’s officially boot season here in Baltimore. I was finally able to christen one pair of my riding boots last Saturday–hooray! Since I live in my pjs during the week, the weekends are pretty much the only chance I get to wear my boots, so it’s going to take awhile to bust a move in all of them. Yeah, I may have to stop buying a pair of boots every year. The new shoe rack Squirrel built me is full. I asked him is he would build me an overflow area, but all I got in return was an indignant look–I guess that’s a no. No worries, I’m skilled in stacking.

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Are you thinking about your Thanksgiving menu? I have mine all planned out. Here’s what we’re having:

Thanksgiving Menu 2014 | www.themessybakerblog.com

Two weeks ago, Squirrel and I unplugged and took a trip to the woods. The weather was absolutely amazing. It felt so good to walk away from the computer and my busy schedule for a few days. I actually finished an entire book, and I got to do so by the warmth of a fire. Squirrel can’t catch a fish to save his life, but he can gather the heck out of some fire wood. We had a roaring fire three days straight.

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Maddox (our pup) lounged around in the leaves and waited for handouts–they’re were plenty. Aside from a walk to the lighthouse, the three of us just sat around and snacked on campfire food. It was a pretty epic three days. I even put in the extra effort before the camping trip and made Smitten Kitchen’s homemade graham cracker recipe. They were worth every minute of effort. If you’ve never had a homemade graham cracker, I recommend trying them at least once.
Crushing On



I don’t currently have any fancy holiday plans, but I’m about to find some just so I can buy this dress.

These boots–as if I need another pair.

These Loaded Junk Food Brownies.

I want to devour an entire bag of these Rum Spiked Caramels.

This shirt is currently in my Etsy cart for Squirrel.

These vibrant dipped bamboo utensils.

I’m about to re-decorate my living room for this couch.

This recipe for French Toast Waffles.