Hello, September. I sure am happy to see you. With you, comes cooler weather, crisp air, apples, bonfires, and all things pumpkin. I am so ready to sip on a pumpkin latte on a brisk fall morning. Is it just me, or does the air smell better in the fall? I swear it does. It smells clear and crisp–like fallen leaves and hints of pine. Maybe it’s my mind playing tricks on me, I dunno.

I hope you guys had a fabulous holiday weekend and, best of all, short work week. Short work weeks are the best, and I could definitely use more of ’em. I think the subject of short work weeks should be brought up with the authorities. Really, should we be working more than resting? I think not. Let’s devise a plan to pickett. We’ll create some big, tacky signs, slap ’em on a stick, and march through the streets chanting.


You guys, I did absolutely nothing over the weekend… Not one fun thing. I sat on my couch and watched classic movies all weekend. Let me tell you, it felt so good. There were no pool parties, bbqs, bonfires, fancy cooking, or soirres of any sorts. Just me, Julia Roberts, and a few glasses of wine. I sat on the couch in my jammies and watched movies until my eyes burned. The only time I got off the couch was to refill my wine glass and grab some snacks.


Lately, I’ve been trying to go green. I’ve been making my own laundry detergent, fabric softener, body wash, face wash, etc. I’ve also been trying to make less waste by using unpaper towels and reusable bags. While perusing Etsy (my fav place to shop for all things cute) the other day, I came across reusable swiffer mop pads by generation me. This is a genius idea. I have gone through boxes and boxes of pads over the last few years, and those things aren’t cheap. Well, problem solved. Now I’m green and saving money. Win-win.

My week in photos:


My muffin has gone rogue, so it’s back to the gym for me.


Iced cawfee all day, every day.


Organizing September pumpkin posts. Excited?


Homemade vanilla syrup is my life right now.


I jumped on the fall bandwagon a little early this year and busted out my fall decorations the day after Labor Day.


Fall scents to make my house smell delicious.


The last of the peaches…or maybe not. Learn how to freeze peaches and summer produce doesn’t have to end just yet.


Big ol’ pots of mac and cheese in my belly.

I’m a pinning FA-reak:

Bourbon Blackberry Lemonade from Baker Bettie
Zesty Corn Bell Pepper Relish from A Zesty Bite
Cheesy Bacon Oven Chips with Chipotle Ranch Dipping Sauce from The Comfort of Cooking
Apple Cheesecake Bars from Crazy for Crust
Homemade Samoas Cookies from Sweet Tooth

Look what I made:

Green Chili, Chicken, and Bacon Mac and Cheese from Picky Palate: All I have to say is this mac is the bomb diggity. My tongue had no idea what to think. Well, okay, it thought, “Keep shoveling that delicious mac into your face, please and thank you.” Squirrel and I ate the entire pot. Yup, two people vs. one big ol’ pot of mac. We won!

Smothered Pork Chops from Tyler Florence: I’m not a huge pork chop fan, but these made me change my mind. The gravy is thick and creamy. The pork chops are tender and juicy. The only thing I did different is substituted half & half for the buttermilk and added onions to the gravy. So good!