I’m back! It’s one of those bitter sweet moments. I love being home, but I also love being at the beach and by the water. My dream is to one day live by the water and own a sweet little shore bakery. Hmmmm, one day. For now, it’s a cute little townhouse in Baltimore.

I literally sat on the beach under an umbrella all day, reading and floating in the ocean when the waves weren’t threatening to suck me up and never let me return. I must have used an entire bottle of SPF 110 sunblock during my stay at the beach. I burn. Like, really burn. My Irish/German skin can’t handle the sun. I get crispy- fast!

I’d like to give a big thank you to Jen from Juanita’s Cocina for guest posting while I was away getting crispy in the sun and enjoying the water. Her baked lemon yogurt donuts had me craving donuts all weekend. I cheated on her donuts with donuts from The Fractured Prune. I’m feeling really guilty about it now. I literally survived on donuts and beef all weekend. My hubby and I discovered a pit beef joint that makes the best roast beef with gravy. Thin slices of rare beef get piled high on white bread and slathered in brown gravy. What’s not to love? We ate there 3 out of the 4 nights we stayed- addicted! I took a picture and sent it to my mom. It’s her favorite place at the beach to eat and I couldn’t resist the urge to tease her. I’m a mean daughter. Here’s the beef in all its glory:

Here’s the view from our 8th floor condo. We sat out on the balcony in the morning sipping coffee and indulging in more donuts than I’d care to divulge while listening to the waves crash on the beach.

In my excitement to get to the beach, I ran out of the house without my camera, so I resorted to the camera on the iPhone. Sorry for the grainy pictures.

The water was unseasonably warm and a lovely shade of blue teal.

The view was outstanding. In the morning, we’d see groups of dolphins dipping in and out of the water cruising down the coastline.

Walking in the wet sand is one of my favorite things to do. I love it when the sand creeps up in-between your toes while you sink into the cold, wet sand.

I have a confession. I’m a wee bit addicted to Instagram. I can’t help it! It makes my pictures look pretty, and it does it instantly.

There were cocktails a blazin’ all weekend. I found this delicious concoction at Tequila Mockingbird, a mexican restaurant a few streets up from where we stayed. It’s called a Lime in the Coconut, and it’s just about the best margarita I have ever tasted. They mix homemade margarita mix with pina colada mix- holy cocktail heaven, I swooned over this drink. Mark my word, I will be replicating this some time soon, and when I do, I will post for all of you to enjoy.

I’m not going to lie, I have some nerd in me and, quite frequently, I relish in my nerdiness. This was one of those moments. I love cupcakes so much that I had to write it in the sand for the world to see. I had few people staring at me like I was crazy.

Oh, how I hated saying good-bye to toes in the sand, blue teal water, delicious margaritas, donuts, and beef. I suppose all good things must come to an end. Until next time.